Terms of use


The team and the owner of www.scambiovisitegratis.com decline any responsibilities related to the content of the sites submitted to the circuit. By the way the archive is always kept under control and the team deletes all the contents that could somehow be unpolite and violent as soon as possible.

The team informs the service’s users that the following types of sites will be deleted as soon as it finds them:


-         Sites unpolite and with adult-only contents or violent contents

-    Sites that earn visits faster then following the times established by the automatic system (at least 10 seconds per site)

-         Sites that open pop-up or pop-under etc... Automatically.

-         Sites containing scripts or codes acting to run away from frames pages

-         Sites submitted twice or more times or with variables transmitted trough the Url in order to swindle our protection system.

-         Sites first deleted and then re-submitted  to re-obtain the free points for a new site submission

-         Sites with kb exceeding a certain weight

-         Sites considered not suitable by the team